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Kinderflute Academy Fees and Costs

Kinderflute academy classes are 60 minutes long and cost $12.50 each session, per child and are paid upfront, per semester. 


Private lessons are required weekly at $25.00 for the first year, $30.00 thereafter (Per 1/2 hour lesson)

Purchase of first flute: Approximately $160.00-$618.00 (see rental note below)

Purchase of Method Book: $20.00 with tax

Purchase of Pneumo-Pro Wind director: $30.00 with tax


Rent to own flutes:  Molly's preferred place to buy and rent is Warfields Fine Flutes, in Dillsburg Pa.  The Fluteplace also has flutes for rent.  If your child is young, make sure you get a curved headjoint.  Also, please have Molly check the flute after you get it to make sure it works. Sometimes rental flutes and even new flutes are not in the best condition. 



Private lessons classes are to be paid at the beginning of each month.

The flute instructor can provided assistance on purchasing the flute, book and wind director.  Email Molly at for questions and/or assistance related to purchasing these items.











Many children play violin and piano at an early age, and the same is true for those who wish to play the flute.  A flute with a curved headjoint allows children as young as 4 begin to experience the joy of flute playing, giving a head start in music and learning.


Flute Instructor Molly Shortridge can be reached by phone at (717) 571-0640 or email at


Lessons and/or classes can also be arranged by contacting the following music schools:



For more information, visit the contact page of this website:



Give your child a unique learning experience, a musical head start and opportunites for fun and friendship!

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