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Special "Introduction to Kinderflute™" Classes are always forming!

Check back often to see when these introductory Classes are offered!



·          "Introduction to Kinderflute™ classes are available at a location of your choice as long as you have minimum of four children, and have access to a big room (such as in a church, library or recreation center).

·          Children do not need to have purchased a flute to attend these introductory classes.

  •    Parents are strongly encouraged to observe the classes.

·          There are two classes offered that children attend, each offered on two different days (or at least one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

·          Children participate in a variety of activities that reinforce basic music skills such as movement-oriented music games. The will try blowing into a flute, learn how to hold a flute, and listen to flute playing.

·          Parents and Children will be given more information about Kinderflute™ classes and lessons and be given a chance to sign up in a Kinderflute™ program.

  • Children are encouraged to start with lessons even if it may be a few months until there is an opening in a Kinderflute ™ class.  Once an opening is available, or if a new class is being formed, they can become part of the class.


The flute Instructor will gladly give two "introduction" classes at your location, such as a moms-club, church, homeschool co-op, etc.









Many children play violin and piano at an early age, and the same is true for those who wish to play the flute.  A flute with a curved headjoint allows children as young as 4 begin to experience the joy of flute playing, giving a head start in music and learning.


Flute Instructor Molly Shortridge can be reached by phone at (717) 571-0640 or email at


Lessons and/or classes can also be arranged by contacting the following music schools:



For more information, visit the contact page of this website:



Give your child a unique learning experience, a musical head start and opportunites for fun and friendship!

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