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Kathy Blocki is creator of  Kinderflute and teaches and certifies flute instructors how to teach flute to young children. Information about Kinderflute can be found on her site. 

The books are created from the standpoint of a flutist and do not follow the usual band curriculum that so many young students get in school.  Her award winning method books and related materials can be purchased at

Flute instructor Molly Shortridge teaches here.  Kinderflute™ Academy Classes are often held on a regular basis at the Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center.  Free introductory lessons and KinderFlute classes are offered here regularly.

Flute Instructor Molly Shortridge also teaches at State Street Academy of Music.  This is a beautiful, non-profit facility near the Capital building in Harrisburg, PA.  Children and adult students are welcome.  For information on tuition  (per semester) and needs-based scholarships for lessons, contact 

Colleague and fellow KinderFlute™ Instructor, Annemieke de Bruijn, sells flute tools and devices that are important for breath support and control. Her business is located in Holland but click on the link to access her site and purchase supplies.









Many children play violin and piano at an early age, and the same is true for those who wish to play the flute.  A flute with a curved headjoint allows children as young as 4 begin to experience the joy of flute playing, giving a head start in music and learning.


Flute Instructor Molly Shortridge can be reached by phone at (717) 571-0640 or email at


Lessons and/or classes can also be arranged by contacting the following music schools:



For more information, visit the contact page of this website:



Give your child a unique learning experience, a musical head start and opportunites for fun and friendship!

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